The Roots of Our Magic

The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus is famous for his contention that change lies at the heart of the universe. “You can’t step into the same river twice,” he said, and neither can you step into the same story. Myths grow into legends, which evolve into folktales, which give birth to poems and novels and sagas… and, of course, collections of short stories like this one.

Step inside and meet characters - old, new, and reimagined - inspired by the magic and lore of ageless Greece. This bilingual collection is perfect for students of either Greek or English who want to hone their language skills or for those who simply wish to enjoy retellings of their favorite myths and legends in both languages. Glossaries for each story are included for easy reference.

Praise for The Roots of Our Magic

"A great resource for teachers and students of modern Greece—but also for any readers looking for gripping stories that will transport them into more magical worlds. Flamouri's collection draws on folklore, history, and fantasy, and captivates through her crisp, compelling prose."

- Eleni Gage, author of NORTH OF ITHAKA

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