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This book is my most ambitious project to date, a political fantasy with multiple POVs and a magic system that's a bit outside my usual wheelhouse. It's going to be a long road, but I'm so excited to get this thing going!

Three children separated by conspiracy grow into three conspirators reunited by fate...

Sixteen years ago, a scandal rocked the island kingdom of Cristagard. Three women fled the capital, each with their own children - and secrets - in tow. Now those children are grown and back in Cristagard City with secrets of their own. Ember Warden must take her place as Gatekeeper while working in the shadows to exonerate her mother, who was charged with treason all those years ago. Chance Starling is at court to save the woman he loves and commit a treason of his own. And Honor Castel is out to tear the whole thing down, starting with the family that has blackmailed and manipulated her into their service.

Through it all, a decision looms, the same decision that drove Ember's mother to treason sixteen years ago. Will the Gates be opened, freeing the people of Cristagard to make a new life in a land without magic, or can Cristagard make peace with the magical inhabitants of the island? Dangers abound on both sides of the Gates and both sides of the debate, and Ember, Chance, and Honor soon find themselves at the center of the storm.

There are no right answers and no safe choices, only the victors and the dead.

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